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RE804- Bedpans Pee Bottle.png
RE804- Bedpans Pee Bottle.png
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RE804 Toliet Urinal for Men and Women

* The portable urinal is perfect to keep in the car for long journeys.
* The urinal is hygienic and anatomically designed, for use when standing, sitting or lying down.
* Unisex, it is supplied with a female adaptor, a secure snap-on lid to prevent spillage and a handle for ease of carrying and emptying.
* Capacity 900ml, measures L20cm xW10cm xH12.5cm (8in x4in x5in).

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Product Information

OPEN SIZE: L20cm xW10cm xH12.5cm (8in x4in x5in)

PACKING: 88*28*46CM


NW/GW: 4.4/5.9KGS


QTY/20'F/40'F: 9880/20440PCS

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